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    Here are 6 foods that will make you taste sweeter

    Love is all about expressing, feeling, and making love. Expressing love means telling the other person how much you love him/her. While feeling love is to sense the love of the other person. And lastly, making love. Making love is an important aspect of a relationship. 6 Foods That Make You Taste Sweeter as always.

    Especially, to make your partner feel that you love him and make him understand that you are his priority. As a result, maintaining vaginal health is damn important. More often for those whose partners want to go down on you. 

    Coming to the point of maintaining vaginal health. Our intimate health mainly depends upon what we eat. In simpler words, our vaginal health depends upon our gut. If we keep our gut healthy and clean then definitely, we will taste sweeter and better.  Also, there will be a proper ph balance.

    Knowing about the taste, our vagina usually tastes metallic, bitter, and sweet. So, if there are any changes. This simply means there is a change in our food habits and this leads to maintaining a proper ph balance. 

    Though there is no such compulsion on having a delicious intimate part. But, in case you go beyond the drawn lines and be creative enough. There are certain foods which you should consider eating which will in turn make your intimate parts taste sweeter.

    6 best foods that will make you taste sweeter

    1. Pineapple

    Pineapple is the best fruit for maintaining the ph balance of your vagina. It falls under the category of citrus fruits. As we know, citrus fruits are usually acidic. And pineapple is the most acidic one which acts as the best in having a proper ph balance. Furtherly semen is generally alkaline, thereby eating pineapple or having its juice will work wonders. If in case your vagina tastes blunt on not having a proper ph balance.

    Adding to this, pineapple is rich in multiple vitamins and minerals which again helps in maintaining the overall gut health.

    1. Curd

    Curd or yogurt is present in every household. It is the second-best food for maintaining a proper ph balance. Probiotics present in curd act as good bacteria in maintaining good gut health. Furtherly curd is rich in lactobacillus and plays a huge role in maintaining the yeast balance of your private parts. And this will lead to the prevention of any bad smell and infection in and around your vagina.

    Curd also contains live cultures which bring out the good smell and take out all the bad smells. Therefore, the curd is essentially considered in lunches as it also cleans your bowel, in turn maintaining proper vagina health. But it should also be noted that men should not consider eating too many dairy products and that too curd. As it can impact their sperm quality.

    Foods that make you taste good

    1. Cranberry

    Cranberry is one of the most nutritious foods which provides resistance in the fight against foreign infections. It is because they are fully loaded with antioxidants. Thereby, it protects your vagina from any sort of foul smell and prevents infection.

    Cranberries are acidic. Implying that it helps in maintaining the ph balance. They also act as a great source in removing the foul smell of human semen. Thereby, it’s a great substance in maintaining a good hygienic environment down there.

    1. Apples

     We all know the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And yes, apple does that. Apples are known for maintaining the overall health and smell of our uterus. This fruit contains an estrogen known as phloridzin which helps in sustaining the lubrication process. They are also rich in polyphenols and antioxidants which help in the blood flow to your genitals. As a result, both these factors help in reducing the foul smell and other intoxications present around your vagina. Thereby, making your intimate parts taste sweeter and smell nicer.

    1. Water

    Water is the most essential element in one’s life. It’s just impossible to live without water even for 24 hours. As drinking water is associated with so many good things. One such is maintaining the good health of the vagina. Having water removes all the harmful toxins present inside our bodies in the form of Sweat and urine. Therefore, making our body feel fresh and hydrated. So, once you start feeling fresh, your vagina will smell sweeter.

    1. Lemon and lemon juice

    As we know, lemon is a citrus fruit when consumed, it acts as a detoxification element. It comforts in discarding all the foul smells and thereby maintains a proper ph balance.

    Owing to its acidic features, just like pineapple it also works in the same way and gives you the best results.

    Meenakshi Thakur
    Meenakshi Thakur
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