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    Wondering How to lighten your private area fast? Here are the answers!

    The dark private area is one of the major causes of irritation for most women or men too. We get annoyed by watching the dark area, even if after applying all the means these dark area doesn’t seem to get light. We all have been there, not knowing how to treat these we just quit thinking about it. Though this never leaves our mind. Presenting you the best ways to answer your much-wanted question How to lighten your private area fast?

    How to lighten your private area fast

    Why does it happen?

    Dark intimate areas are caused by rashes, sweating and friction. In some cases, it is because of hormonal changes. We tend to invest our money in different products to get a lighter shade down there but seem to fail. Certain ways will cost you much less and gives you a visible difference. With light private areas! These are simple remedies which you can do at home.

    How to lighten your private area fast

    Follow these amazing methods to get rid of your dark private area:

    Besan(Gram flour)

    This amazing home remedy is not new to us, we have used besan to pamper our face and give it a clear and glowing feel. Now the same will be applied to your private area. You need to make a thick paste of gram flour or besan and apply this mixture. You have to apply the mixture to the dark private parts. After applying, wash it with lukewarm water. You need to repeat this two to three times a week for awesome results. After applying this paste for 1 week you will see a noticeable difference, turning your dark private parts to lighter shade.

    Aloe vera gel: 

    It’s not a secret that aloe vera is an amazing cure for many of our skin issues, starting from acne, pimples and dry skin. But this amazing plant does more than just giving you clear skin. Applying aloe vera gel on your dark private parts and massaging it for 20-30 minutes will lighten your private parts. Since aloe vera contains vitamins and minerals that help in collagen-boosting and thus helps in lighting the dark private area.

    Curd :

    Curd is a natural skincare ingredient. We have used it to make a face mask or to apply just the raw curd on the face for smooth skin. Curd plays an important role in making your dark private parts light. It just not lighten your dark area but also soothes irritation. If you have any rashes down there, it can be solved by curd too. Start applying curd or yoghurt on your dark private area and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. After this wash it with lukewarm water. Carry on this for a week or two for best results.


    Turmeric is famous for boosting immunity and as a great skincare ingredient. Using turmeric for a face pack can gift you glowing skin. It has more benefits too. You can add turmeric with orange juice and lemon. Prepare this paste and apply it to the dark private area. Keep using this paste for one week or two and you will see a great difference in the skin colour down there. Turmeric is a very easy and less expensive way to get rid of your dark patches or dark skin down there. It lightens your skin there with no expensive methods.

    Why private parts are dark in color

    Sandalwood with rose water :

    We have seen many beauty products using these amazing ingredients to provide us with natural face pack, soap etc. We can use this natural way to treat discolouration in less time and investing less money. All you need to get is sandalwood and rose water. Mix sandalwood and rose water and create a mixture. Apply this mixture to the dark private area to get lighter colour down there. After applying, keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This is the best way to get lighter skin down there with less money and fewer efforts. Continue applying this mixture for one week or two and see the difference for yourself.

    Potato :

    Potatoes are rich in bleaching properties. They are the best way to naturally get a lighter skin down there. All you need to do is cut potato slices and massage on the dark private area in a circular motion. Apply this and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Continue this for one week to get amazing results. You will notice the dark colour is turning lighter, with each week.

    Conclusion :

    These are the most effective ways to get lighter skin down there and these methods will answer your most awaited question as to how to lighten your private area fast. Apply one of these methods, which ever you feel comfortable and easy to use. You need to look out for any allergies too if you have any one of the said method’s ingredients. These methods are all-natural and less expensive. You can start your lightning process right away, without investing big bucks.

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