What happens if you eat only buckwheat for a whole week? The nutritionist says

You should be careful with such mono-diets, Elena Doronkina believes. Perhaps no diet is complete without buckwheat. This cereal not only contains many useful trace elements, but also contributes to weight loss. But what will happen to the body if you eat only buckwheat for seven days? Is it possible to eat buckwheat for a … Read more

Diet can improve health. US scientists have found

Timetable of eating

The journal Science published a study conducted by members of the Pennington Center for Biomedical Research. According to the results, people who restrict themselves in calories experience less problems with immunity and metabolism than those who do not care about what they eat at all. What did the scientists find out? As part of the … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Flat Stomach

It can’t be done for a number of reasons. But if you solve them all together, the result will not be far off. Why can’t you get a flat stomach? Genetics. Some people have a genetic predisposition to “storage” fat in the abdomen. Stress. The main function of the body is to protect itself. That … Read more

Do not ignore the problem – otherwise it can develop into serious diseases.

A person with a food addiction does not perceive food as a physiological need and does not eat to satisfy hunger. Food becomes a source of inspiration, an antidepressant, entertainment. Eating disorders are dangerous to health and can lead to serious diseases, including obesity, anorexia, heart and vascular disease. Where does addiction begin? Food addiction … Read more

How many days you can not follow a diet and not get better, says nutritionist

Lose weight

Meeting with friends and family holidays are a common cause of eating disorders. Can a couple of days of hearty feasts spoil the result of multi-day workouts? Are there ways not to gain extra pounds by eating grandmother’s pies and kebabs in the country? Here is a detailed instruction on how to hold a feast … Read more