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    How to get rid of Blackheads Overnight Naturally at Home

    Blackheads are the pores of the skin which get filled with darkened sebum accumulated with dead skin cells. They are open comedones. More often we see blackheads near our noses. Irrespective of gender, none of us like these blackheads, acnes, or any other sort of pimples. Though there are numerous solutions for the treatment of blackheads. Checkout here How to get rid of Blackheads Overnight.

    How to get rid of Blackheads Overnight

    From trying out grandma’s tips to going for a doctor’s consultation. But, none of them work out well. So, today we will be knowing how to get rid of blackheads overnight without worrying about any side effects. But before moving into knowing this, we should first know what are the causes of having blackheads.


    There is a lot of inter-connectivity in knowing what are the causes. But mostly one of the main reasons for getting blackhead or whitehead is inflammation of the sebaceous gland. In short, whenever a hair follicle gets inflamed, it results in either a blackhead or a whitehead. So, some of the main causes of this inflammation are:

    •   Excessive secretion of oil by the sebaceous gland.
    •   Improper formation of keratin which makes our hair, nails, and skin.
    •   Increased levels of androgen hormones.
    •   An increase in the level of bacteria that causes acne.


    Not only our face is the exposed part for blackheads but even our neck, back, and chest. And teenagers are the main effectors of blackheads, who undergo various hormonal changes. According to researchers’ blackheads are quite common in adolescents. Around 10-20% of young adults have blackheads.

    Now, you know about the reasons and effects of having blackheads. We shall now move on to know how to get rid of blackheads overnight.


    • Salicylic acid cleanser: Using a regular salicylic acid other than benzoyl peroxide will remove the majority of the blackheads. It is one of the most preferred materials in treating blackheads and whiteheads because it breaks down excess oil and dead skin cells. Now using this cleanser, especially at night will help you greatly.
    • Exfoliating with AHA’s and BHA’s: Now, you may think that exfoliating products may increase inflammation. But, that’s not true in the case of blackheads. As blackheads require regular exfoliation. Using products that include glycolic and salicylic acid, will help us largely in reducing the number of blackheads. They are superficial peels that will remove the top layer of the skin dense with oil and dirt.

    How to remove blackheads at home instantly

    •  Skin brush: By using a skin brush, you can remove the clingy blackheads. But, it should be noted that you shouldn’t use this brush regularly. And in case you have sensitive skin then that’s a big no. Furtherly, if you want then use it with a mild cleanser.
    • Topical retinoids: By using these topical retinoids, you can unclog the clogged pores filled with dirt and oil. In fact, by including these retinoids along with other effective exfoliating products our skin will respond very well. But, in case you are having dry skin then try to avoid retinoids.
    •   Clay and charcoal masks: Using these clay and charcoal masks will help you largely in treating blackheads. These are some of the effective ways of getting rid of blackheads overnight. They try to pull out the excessive oil and dirt which got stuck in our pores.

    Thus to conclude, always check what suits you. Check whether you are using the right cleanser, scrub, pack, and so on.  And always take good care of your skin.

    Meenakshi Thakur
    Meenakshi Thakur
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