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    Helpful Tips for PCOS weight loss diet and exercise

    PCOS is the short form of Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a medical condition majorly affecting 8 to 13 % of reproductive active women. The reason for PCOS is an imbalance in the hormones in your ovaries and brain. This occurs when LH, a hormone from the pituitary gland or pancreas insulin levels are too high. This leads the ovaries to make extra testosterone, causing PCOS condition in a woman. Pcos weight loss diet and exercise are interconnected. If the weight is in check with exercise then you do not have to worry about the condition.

    Pcos weight loss diet and exercise

    The effects of PCOS on your body :

    • Your blood cholesterol levels will be high
    • Causing high blood pressure
    • Trouble sleeping habit
    • There will be increased pregnancy complications and risks, like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.
    • This can cause damage to organs

    These effects will not be the same for every PCOS woman. The chances of the occurrence of these effects can be reduced by changing lifestyle such as eating healthy, regular exercise with a proper diet.

    Importance of exercise and diet


    Regular exercise plays an important role in reducing the effects of PCOS. Since the woman with PCOS has a high insulin resistance rate as compared to the woman who does not have the condition. The major changes that the body feels by high insulin resistance is, affecting the ability of blood and sugar to produce energy.

    As per doctors, the main reason behind insulin resistance is excess body weight and lack of proper exercise. There should be a routine for proper physical activity to keep their body fit and thus helping to lower the effects of PCOS.

    Stay healthy and reduce the PCOS effect.

    Many studies show that vigorous aerobic is most likely the best way to body mass and thus reducing the insulin resistance in the body. It is preferred that women suffering from PCOS conditions should join aerobic exercise and keep themselves fit and healthy. Though the exercise must be vigorous, moderate exercise does not contribute much to reducing insulin resistance in the body. Weight loss is crucial for a woman who is suffering from PCOS, this condition feeds on the weight and thus the weight needs to be reduced to stay healthy and reduce the PCOS effect.


    Since the diet is the base of all the weight problems and thus contributing to higher insulin levels. If you can fix a healthy diet for yourself by looking at the calorie and healthy products. Then half of your work is done then and there. All you need to do next is some aerobics exercise and strength training. The crucial part is the proper diet routine that does it all.

    These are few points that you should keep in mind if you have PCOS :

    • If you are struggling to lose weight and reduce your insulin resistance then you need to cut on the calories you take in a day. You should only take calories between 500 to 1000. Intake of this balanced calorie count regularly will help you a lot in reducing your weight.
    • Since the biggest source of weight gain is fat, you need to cut on the intake of fat too. You need to fix fat as only 30% of your diet source. Making cheese, butter and dairy products represent just 10% of your everyday calorie intake.
    • The best way to eat more but not gain weight is by switching your food composition from fat to fibre. The best way to be healthy and consume less fatty products is by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. These are a great source of power and purely healthy to eat.
    • To reduce your weight, you need to have a check on your cholesterol
    • Eating less than 200 milligrams of cholesterol can help you stay healthy.
    • Add fibre to your diet, as much as you can. This will do wonders for your health. Including weight loss, good skin and other benefits as well.
    • If you are not sure about how to manage the diet in terms of amount. You should consult your doctor and take a note of the normal calorie intake in a day. This will help you immensely. 
    • You can eat fibre as salad, curry or anything that you like. Cook and eat according to the calorie intake that is advised to you by the doctor.
    • Make a routine chart of your diet plan and exercise routine. This will help you keep track of your diet plans every day.

    Wrapping UP

    These are the Pcos weight loss, diet and exercise, you do not have to be scared by thinking how you will start it. The important thing is to take a step and then you will be great. Avoid consuming fat and exchange fat products with fibre. And exercise every day. These are simple steps that will keep you healthy and help reduce your insulin resistance. 

    We know that this condition can be controlled and be as normal as everyone. This can be achieved only by proper exercise, a great diet and keeping a track of everyday intake of calories and cholesterol too. You can follow the given steps and lead a healthy life.

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    Meenakshi Thakur
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