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    Brat Diet Alternatives for Better Digestion

    The BRAT diet is an abbreviation of Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Feeling bored? You might be, but this meal plan is not to feel excited or lose weight. Check out some Brat Diet Alternatives here.!

    Brat Diet Alternatives

    Rather, the BRAT dies have been designed to combat some digestive issues such as nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting. But now, the health professionals are considering it outdated. Previously this meal plan was considered for managing some of the acute bouts of diarrhoea as they are made from low fiber foods that help bind things up.

    As per the belief, when you allow the gut to rest a bit from processing the fiber and involving foods that help firm up the stool, the episode of diarrhea becomes short. Applesauce consist of pectin, and bananas consist of resilient starch. The BRAT diet is also recommended for those who suffer from nausea and are starting to transition to solid foods. BRAT foods are considered very easy to digest as they are very much soft, low in fiber and bland.

    Brat Diet Alternatives

    The diet you follow when suffering from gastroenteritis is indeed very important. One such diet is the BRAT diet which includes bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. 

    But there are some alternatives to the BRAT diet that offers you the needed nutrients for helping you with quick recovery.  The BRAT diet is a completely bland diet that will not provide the necessary nutrients for recovery after digestion based illness. You must introduce some nutritious diets within 24-48 hours of completing being on the BRAT diet.

    Suppose you stick to the BRAT diet for a long period of time. In that case, it might affect your health adversely and lead to some of the nutritional deficiencies as they are not rich in protein and contains only some important vitamins and minerals.

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    Here are a few BRAT diet alternatives to aid better digestion along with essential nutrients:

    • CRAM diet:  A diet that includes cereal, rice, applesauce and milk. This diet offers better nutrition when compared to the BRAT diet. It consists of foods with fats, proteins, and carbohydrates not present in the BRAT diet. It assists in easing the diarrhoea symptoms very fast.
    • PALEO diet: It is more nutritious than the BRAT diet. It offers all nutrients that help in boosting immunity that assist our body in healing all through the illness. PALEO diet mainly includes replenishing the lost electrolytes and nutrients from the body, which is required for hydrating with the right amount of salts.

    Paleo diet includes the following items:

    • Coconut water: IT is hydrating and consist of electrolytes that assist in speedy recovery. It consists of potassium and magnesium that help in the prevention of cramping. It offers instant energy and is good than sugar-filled energy drinks.
    • Bone broth consists of proteins and amino acids like glycine, arginine, and glutamine. Amino acids assist in healing the gut.  They regulate the immune system, decrease mucosal inflammation, and help maintain and repair the gastrointestinal mucosa. Bone broth also consists of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that assist in fast recovery.
    • Stew or soup: When you are ready for eating solids, you can have some stew. The slowly cooked vegetables, along with the meat, are highly nutritious. Meat consist of a good amount of zinc that is an important element for recovering the fluid loss from the body. Seasonings such as ginger help in boosting the immune system. When organ meat is added, it assists in increasing the nutritional value of the stew.
    • Chicken: Animal proteins such as chicken make a good start introducing solids into the diet. Try to avoid fried chicken. Think of poached or baked chicken.

    Have a look at some of the types of foods you need to have when you are suffering from diarrhoea:

    Peeled fruits: Select some of the soft or blended fruits like peaches instead of crunchy fruit for helping you with diarrhoea. The skin of some fruit is very hard for digesting, and it also irritates your stomach. So, it’s better to peel and deseed the fruit before eating when you have an upset stomach.

    Eggs: Eggs are the best source of protein and are free from fiber. They consist of some of the important vitamins and minerals. Try to avoid cooking foods in a lot of oil as it will irritate your whole digestive system.

    Cereals: Some low fiber cereals, such as cream of wheat or cold grains, are among the best alternatives to rice or toast. They provide you required carbohydrates.

    Yoghurt rich in probiotics: Yogurt consists of probiotic bacteria that is good for our gut and helps decrease bouts of diarrhoea. 

    Benefits of BRAT Diet

    Firm stool:

    During metabolic issues like the runs and food contamination, the stool discharged by patients will in general turn out to be free and very runny. This causes drying out and mineral misfortune in the body. By enjoying a BRAT diet, you devour food things that are boring and have a high measure of fiber in them. This aides in the limiting and making the free and runny defecation firm.

    Calming for the stomach:

    Typically, proteins and fats are challenging for the stomach to process and process. It takes a more extended and more measure of exertion for the stomach to totally handle food items that are wealthy in proteins and fats. Imp slims down being made out of food things that are low in fats and proteins make the stomach face an essentially low measure of strain and bothering. The stomach related arrangement of the body is put under lower measures of pressure too.

    Absence of nausea:

    Being very straightforward and dull in nature, BRAT eats less carbs have displayed to diminish the propensity of sickness. The consumables have a low smell and have areas of strength for no that can make the patient queasy.


    While eating a BRAT diet is no longer recommended, it is advised to keep your plate plain when you are suffering from diarrhoea or nausea. When dealing with GI issues, it is best to work with a gastroenterologist to determine how safely you can modify the die for getting relief from symptoms.