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    Eyebrow lift Botox Cost Procedure,And Side Effects

    Are you wondering how does a eyebrow lift botox cost? Well, its cost depends on where you live and how much product is used. You also need to know that eyebrow lift can be done by two methods; surgical or non surgical.

    Non surgical method is comparatively cheaper than the surgical one since it requires botox which costs less than 5k. But results may vary! You might see that the results you get after non surgical methods are very subtle and last for approx 6 months only. Whereas the surgical one is more effective but costly. It can last up to years and its exact cost will depend upon the type of surgery required.

    What are Eyebrows lift Botox?

    Eyebrow lift is also known as forehead lift. If you go for the surgical procedure, it involves physical lifting of muscles and subcutaneous tissue and raising the brow area. It has a similar effect to invasive surgery.

    Eyebrows lift Botox is a process where the eyebrows have given a temporary lift through strategic use of a neurotoxin. This procedure involves weaving of skin by medical grade thread to reshape and reform the face for a more youthful appearance. This is a less invasive and less costly procedure than surgical brow lifts. Read the below article carefully and get to know the necessary details regarding eyebrows lift botox cost.

    There are many reasons why a person chooses eyebrow lift Botox:

    ·        Aging – After a certain age the body starts losing its natural skin elasticity which causes the brows to move down. As skin and tissues start losing its elasticity the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes reduce. This position may make you look tired or dull. Eyebrows lift Botox raises your eyebrow and make your face more refreshed and more pleasing.

    ·        Uneven eyebrows – Some people have uneven eyebrows to fix this thing people choose to lift Botox. This helps them to enhance their looks.

    ·        Sagging brow – People with sagging eyebrows also consider Eyebrows to lift Botox to reform their appearance.

    Procedure of Eyebrow lifts Botox:

    During the treatment the doctor places threads into areas where the procedure needs to be done with a very fine needle or by using muscle relaxing injections. This doesn’t involve any cutting or slicing of skin. Doctor uses a needle to weave a medical grade thread through the skin. Before the process the doctor pulls the skin to reduce wrinkles and give a smooth surface. Usually this treatment takes about 15 – 30 minutes, it does not involve a lengthy process and the results are usually visible instantly.

    Eyebrow lifts Botox is a very smooth and comfortable process and the eyebrows lift botox cost is not so high so most of the people who don’t want to go for the surgical procedure choose botox. In the beginning of the process, the doctor may apply a local anesthetic cream or may inject anesthetic to the sink area that needs to be treated. That anesthetic cream or anesthetic injection numbs your skin as a result it blocks the pain signals and makes treatment smooth and pain free.

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    Pros and cons for Eyebrows lift Botox:

    There are few pro and cons involved in Eyebrows lift Botox that you can consider before starting the treatment:

    Pros of Eyebrows lift Botox:

    ·        Eyebrows lift Botox is a very fast and quick process it hardly takes 20 – 30 minutes depending on the case.

    ·        There is no pain in treatment.

    ·        Recovery is very easy and fast.

    ·        Eyebrows lift Botox cost is low as compared to surgeries, so it’s an economical option for eyebrow treatment.

    Cons of Eyebrows lift Botox:

    ·        You need to repeat the process after every few months as the result only lasts for a few months, so regular maintenance.

    ·        This treatment only tackles fine lines and frown lines.

    ·        There are very few side effects and complications are typically less severe than with a brow lift but they can be significant, such as brow ptosis (drooping).

    Things you need to remember:

    Before the treatment:

    • You have to avoid alcohol 24 hours before the treatment.
    •   Avoid medicines that can cause blood thinning, at least for two weeks.
    • Reschedule your treatment if a blemish, rash or cold sore develops in that area.
    • You can have antiviral medicines, which are prescribed.

    After the treatment:

    • You may have swelling, redness or itching on the skin that has been treated.
    • Do not use any cream, ointment, lotion or gel treated area at least for three hours, unless prescribed.
    • Try to avoid lying down for at least four hours.
    • You can return to your normal routine after 24 hours of treatment.

    Risk involves in Eyebrow lifts Botox:

    Usually botox is considered as safe for most people but there are few risks or side effects involved. You might face some problems like, mild redness on your skin, swelling and bruising at the specific area of treatment. This symptom doesn’t last for a long time and you start your daily routine in a couple of days. Here are few mild side effects that you may face after Botox Eyebrow lifts treatment:

    ·        You might face some low to medium headaches.

    ·        Pain in the area where treatment happens.

    ·        You may feel numbness in the specific area.

    Botox Eyebrow lifts are very safe and don’t have any serious side effects but in rare cases you may find some serious side effects. eyebrow lift botox cost You have to consult your doctor if you are facing any of the below side effect:

    ·        If you are experiencing breathing difficulties.

    ·        If you are facing a problem while eating or while swallowing the food.

    ·        If you notice any speech change or voice change.

    ·        If you are having botox treatment for the first time you may have an infection so in that case you can have some medicines by doctor’s advice.


    So now you know everything about the botox brow lift. We have mentioned above each and every detail regarding what eyebrows lift botox is, what’s its procedure and how do eyebrows lift botox costs. Keep in mind that brow lift botox isn’t a permanent fix. Understand that it is a temporary solution and you should involve good skincare in your routine since it can help you maintain a more youthful appearance.