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    All About Paramount Plus/Ps4

    Paramount Plus/Ps4 is an American platform video on demand which is owned by Paramount global. This platform offers more than 30,000 videos, series, and movies from BET, CBS, movie central, MTV Nickelodeon, etc. It is launched to compete with other online platforms including Amazon prime, Netflix, Disney plus Hotstar, and many more. In simple terms, it’s just like any other online platform which was launched in 2021. Currently, this platform is available in languages English, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Now, you got a brief of what exactly paramount plus is. Let’s get a brief idea of what is exactly. So in short PS4 or play station 4, is a video game console that was developed by Sony computer entertainment in November 2015.

    Nowadays play stations are not just limited to video games. One can watch series, movies, and other videos as well. You just need to know how to install any online platform on this PS4 and watch them. And indeed this article is regarding this. This article will make you understand how to install the paramount plus platform in on4. And particularly for those who are interested in knowing this. So, do read this article till the end to know successfully how to install paramount plus in the PS4 console. 

    Steps To Watch

    • First of all, one needs to turn on your play station 4 and make sure it has been connected with stable internet and Wi-Fi. 
    • Now that you are on the home screen of the PS4, you need to now hit a click on the play store of the PS4. Paramount Plus/Ps4.
    • Now go to the search bar and type Paramount plus. This can be done by using the on-screen pop-up keyboard. 
    • Once the paramount app appears, hit on the install option. After which it will automatically get downloaded onto your PS4.
    • Now that the paramount plus application is downloaded and installed onto your PS4. 
    • You need to go back to the home screen of the play station where you will see the installed paramount plus application.
    • After this, you simply need to log in with the credentials of the paramount plus app. In case you are new to this application. You simply just need to register.
    • Now this allows you a free trial for 7 days. After which a need to choose a plan which stands out as suitable for you and enjoy. 

    Well, these are some of the steps which you need to follow to watch series and movies of paramount plus through PS4. Isn’t that simple? Well, now that you got to know how to install the Paramount plus app. You now need to know what the subscription plans of this app are. So that you can decide whether it’s a cheap or a pricy app. Whether you can afford this app or not. So, let’s know how much this app costs. Is there any sort of discount available for this app? 

    Subscription Plans Of Paramount Plus/ps4:

    There are two broad plans available in paramount plus. One is an add-supported plan or essential plan which costs $5 per month and $50 per year. Whereas the second plan is an add-free premium plan which costs $10 per month and $100 per year. Both plans have benefits in their way, but one common thing is that both offer an amazing viewing experience. Adding to this, application provides you a discount of 25% to students studying in college and university. But this plan is available to those who have access to paramount + essential. Paramount Plus/Ps4

    If in case you are a US student then you can go for this plan and increase this plan option to 4 years. 

    Further, if you are not happy with the service and content offered in the paramount plus app. Then you can simply cut your free trial and end as a member. Following are the simple steps that you need to follow. Paramount Plus/Ps4.

    Steps For Canceling Membership: 

    Firstly, go to your account. 

    Then you need to click on the “membership and subscription” tab. 

    After this, you simply need to click on the cancel button to cancel your subscription. 

    Therefore to conclude, Paramount plus is a newly launched app with multiple benefits for its users, especially for college students. Nevertheless, it is also supported by iOS, Android devices, and many others. So why wait for it? Just install it and enjoy the happy series. 

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