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    Which movies are Similar to 500 Days of Summer?

    500 Days of Summer is a story about a boy and a girl. Tom Hansen is the key architect and he writes greeting cards for a living. Summer meets Finn and is attracted to him. This film captures emotions and memories. In this movie, Tom remembers Summer during the 500 days he spent with him. The film does not talk about the finality of relationships. In this film, Joseph Garden Levitt played the character of a loser and Jui Deschanel as the enigmatic Summer. If you are a fan of the 500 Days Of Summer movie then we have prepared a list for you. In this list, there are names of films like Movies like 500 days of summer.

    Similar Movies like 500 days of summer

    1. Blue Valentine

    Blue valentine The actors who work with Blue Valentine’s director Derek Cianfrance and his executive producer Michelle Williams play their respective roles. They all lived together in the same house. The person he plays in the movie Blue Veltaine also lived in the same house. Blue velveteen enhances the attraction of the couple as well as the pain of suffering.

    Blue Valentine is a heart-wrenching test of the best marriage-destroying shell. This movie is as sad as it is romantic. It also boasts of an electrifying performance from Mechelle Williams and Ryan. His performance intertwines tenderness, lust, and sadness.

    2. Beginners

    Beginners It is a series of flash banks and personal archival footage. This movie tells us the story of Oliver (Ewan McGregor), a graphics designer from Los Angeles, and his parents. He lives with terminal cancer until the end of his life. Shortly thereafter, Ivan meets a man named Anna party, a very beautiful young actress. This movie is awesome, you must watch it.

    3. Juno

    It was the best and brightest film of the time when Juno was released. This Juno McGuff whose real name is Ellen Page is a smart 16-year-old girl in this movie. Her best friend is Paulie. Juno is a pregnant woman, after giving birth to a child, Juno hands over that child to a responsible couple. This movie is very short but very funny.

    Through this film, we get to know Juno’s life very well. Kimya Dawson’s songs add to the beauty of this film. It depicts pregnancy, teenage life, parenting, and love at a very young age. If you are looking for a good movie like 500 Days of Summer then this is the best movie for you.

    4: Fault in our stars

    Whenever two broken hearts meet each other, there is healing. In this movie, Hazel Grace is suffering from terminal thyroid cancer. He always carries a cylinder with him to keep his lungs working. Another character in this film is Augustus Waters who lost a leg to bone cancer. When both Hazel and Gus visit the cancer support group, they are immediately killed by it.

    5: Love Aaj Kal

    This film is one of the well-known hits of Bollywood. Like its name, so is this movie to watch too, love in today’s day and age. The director of this film, Imtiaz Ali, explores the modern relationship. The lover doesn’t seem serious about this.

    It is a freshly seasoned film that is full of curiosity. Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starred in this film, and both of them look great together.

    6: The vow

    Two artists fell in love with one another. They make a sacred marriage commitment to one another. But things don’t go as planned. The girl, Paige, has a terrible injury that renders her memory of the occasions leading up to her meeting her husband, Leo, useless. She has abandoned him, and this breaks his heart. He does everything he can to get her to remember him to earn her love once more.

    7. The perks of Being a Wallflower 

    Is there any benefit to being a wallflower yes or no. If you’re a wallflower, you want to fit in but don’t know how to fit in. In this movie, Charlie is about to start high school, emerging from a painful past. Sam and Patrick have half-siblings ringing together. The two support Charlie and love him. Mr. Anderson’s English teacher turns out to be a freak.

    While recovering from the depression and psychotic episodes of Auntie’s accident, Charlie develops feelings for Sam. On the other hand, Patrick is gay and deals with difficulties. The film, based on the acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky, garnered worldwide acclaim. This is one of the best emotional stories of the 1990s.


    The 2009 film 500 Days of Summer is great, and there is no repetition. People like to watch this movie very much. All the stars played a very good role in this film, the story of this film is so good that no one dislikes it. But watching the same movie over and over again becomes boring.

    There is one good movie and there are many other movies that match 500 Days of Summer. All these movies have a good story, and they will surely remind you of 500 days of summer. We have provided you with a list of all those movies in this blog that are similar to Movies like 500 days of summer.. This will make it easy for you. You can watch and enjoy these movies. All these movies are full of adventure. Hope you liked this blog and liked all the movies on this list.

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