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    The Internet’s Influence on Journalism

    There was a time when the only focus of journalism was print media. Journalists all over the world would voice their opinions using newspapers and magazines, and this was at the time when people had a tendency of reading newspapers religiously. However, as time has progressed, journalism has shifted more towards the internet and life has been made a lot more convenient not just for the audience but for journalists as well. 

    Though, to make the best out of online journalism, you need to make sure your internet is reliable enough for you to get your message across if you are a journalist too. For a stable internet connection, consider looking into Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Xfinity. Here are some ways journalism has incorporated the internet into itself:

    More Popularity

    Considering how the internet is more popular than newspapers and magazines, it would be natural that people would rely more on the internet for their daily fix of news. The best part about the internet is how you can gather all the essential information you need with a lot of ease since everything is already available on the internet. 

    All you need to do is that you need to do your research so that you are a credible source to other people and you must ensure that the sources you are using are just as credible as well. Make sure that you are visible and prominent on the internet so that more people would follow what you have to say. 

    The Birth of Blogging

    Eventually, it became quite the trend for people to start blogging, where they would take a niche of their interest and write about it. People who had similar interests would engage with whatever was written and this brought about an increased interest in blogging. Blogs could be written about anything at all, it could be about current affairs, the entertainment industry, and even sports. This gave people the chance to be more expressive about the things they liked and this spiked up the confidence that people had while maintaining an online presence. 

    Eventually, blogs became monetized and in no time, people started making money through the blogs that they wrote. This was made possible due to Google AdSense. Google placed ads on people’s blogs and that is how people began getting richer. 

    The Trend of Citizen Journalism

    Since the idea behind blogging was getting popular, people became more inclined toward citizen journalism. This established that it was not necessary to have a degree in journalism in order to be a journalist. Citizen journalism has also been termed as street journalism because this is a grass-root level at which people could voice their opinions. 

    There are multiple tools that people have been using to get their voices heard, they made sure they would not restrict themselves to blogging. They made use of platforms such as YouTube so that they could make videos in regard to their journalism. Thus began the idea of vlogging, where people would use the power of a camera to get their point across, which we will focus on later. 

    Podcasting and YouTubing

    Who said that the only talk shows you can watch can be on TV? You could either listen to a talk show or even watch one, in today’s age. However, the trend has changed from watching talk shows to actually listening to podcasts instead. The thing about podcasts is that they can be about anything at all, they don’t necessarily have to be about news. You could have a podcast with a celebrity, a politician, or even a comedian if you want. You just need to be conversational as you are hosting a podcast and make sure you are as clear as possible. A podcast could either be in the form of an audio recording or it could be in the form of a video where you could talk to your guest.

    For the video part of the podcast, you can rely on YouTube, which would also allow you to generate some revenue. YouTube can also help you host a solo show where you could talk to the audience about anything at all. Once Google incorporates AdSense into your channel, you would start making money in no time, but you need to be sure that your channel is popular enough to help you make money. 

    Vlogging and how it is Widely Used

    As mentioned earlier, vlogging has been a widely used method of journalism ever since the concept was created. Ever since YouTube was released in 2005, there have been people that have been inclined towards vlogging and even today, most of the content that you can find on YouTube is regarding vlogging. Usually, the niche that people follow includes vlogs about education, impressions, health, and travel. Many people also vlog for entertainment purposes, where they show their followers their day-to-day life. 

    In Conclusion

    Journalism has changed drastically over the years. Who knew that what we would see in a newspaper would eventually land on an electronic screen in our hands? While print media kept people restricted, digitizing journalism made people leap into the future where the possibilities were endless and expression was not limited.


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