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    Fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days

    If you want to lose 5kg in 5 days, you need to reduce the fat and for that, you need to take a balanced diet and avoid junk food. Weight loss is not as tough as it sounds like. If you follow some tips and tricks, you can lose weight quickly. Have an important function to attend in 5 days and want to get fit into that dress that is no longer fitting your body? Here we are presenting a fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days.

    If you are looking to reduce weight quickly, here are a few tips you can follow.

    Fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days

    1. Balanced die – You need to eliminate toxins from the body which will help you to reduce obesity. First thing in the morning, have a glass or two of lukewarm water to detox your body. This will help you to burn and reduce calories faster. In a snack, you can have fruits, dry fruits, egg white, green tea or orange juice but you need to avoid junk and fried food.   

    2. Track your diet – If you want to lose weight you need to keep a check on everything you eat or drink. You can make a log or every item you intake, for this, you can do it manually or there are many online applications that help you to keep track of your diet. It is found that keeping track on your diet helps the person to lose weight quickly. There is a positive correlation between weight loss and monitoring your diet.

    Weight loss diet plan

    3. Mindful eating – It is a practice where you need to pay proper attention to how and where you eat food. Therefore, in this fast-moving world, everyone is busy and usually tends to eat quickly, sometimes working at their office desk, watching TV or in their car. This leads to bad eating habits. You can follow these techniques for mindful eating:

    • Sit on a table and pay attention to what you are eating.
    • Do not use your phone and laptop while eating.
    • Eat slowly, chew your food properly, this will help you reduce the intake of food.
    • Choose those foods that keep you satisfied for a long time, not for a few minutes.

    4. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates intake – In your diet, you need to reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates intake. These foods digest quickly and convert to glucose rapidly, excess glucose enters the blood which promotes fat storage and this may lead to weight gain. You can substitute the following food items to reduce intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates to lose weight quickly:

    • Fruits and nuts in place of high-sugar snacks
    • Herb tea or fruit infused water in place of high sugar drinks
    • Smoothies with milk or water in place of fruit juice.

    5. Eat plenty of fibre – Including fibre in your diet can increase the feeling of fullness which leads to weight loss. so, Here are some fibre-rich foods that you can include in your diet:

    • Whole grain cereals, whole grain bread, oats and barley.
    • Fruits and vegetables.
    • Pulses and peas.
    • Nuts and seeds.

    Lose 5kg in 5 days

    6. Manage your stress level – Stress can act as a hurdle in your fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days. Stress releases hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which decrease the power of the immune system. When you are under stress cortisol will remain in the bloodstream for longer which will increase the appetite and you will eat more. Here are a few methods that will help you to keep your stress level under control:

    • Do Meditation or yoga
    • Breathing exercise and relaxation exercise.
    • Try to spend more time outdoors, like gardening or walking

    7. Healthy breakfast – Skipping breakfast is not a good idea to lose weight. Also, You could miss out on the essential nutrients that you require and you will end up eating some unhealthy things. Breakfast helps you to start your day. The best breakfast is one that keeps you full, keeps you satisfied and staves off cravings. You also need to make sure to include a source of lean protein plus filling fat, like eggs, unsweetened yoghurt and nuts, and fibre-rich things like vegetables and fruits. This will keep you full and you don’t starve from unnecessary junk food.

    Lose 5kg in 5 days FAST

    8. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. They are also a good source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Some vitamins like vitamin D keeps your hormone level in check and help you to lose weight.

    9. Get good sleep – As per the fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days, getting good sleep is the most essential tip you should follow! It is found that getting less than 5 – 6 hours of sleep per night is associated with an increased incidence of obesity. Inadequate or insufficient sleep slows down the process in which body calories into energy, this process is called metabolism, and when metabolism is less effective in that case the body may store unused energy as fat. Poor quality sleep can increase the production of insulin and cortisol and its prompt fat storage. This may lead to an increase in Weight. however, it’s suggested that you should get proper and good sleep. 

    10. Proper Workout:- Try daily workout after your routine.


    Understand that in order to achieve a fast weight loss diet plan lose 5kg in 5 days, you’ll need to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks. By maintaining a proper diet, eating habits and proper lifestyle, you’ll be able to lose 5kgs in 5 days with considerable inch loss around the waist and belly.