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    Treatment! How to make your period flow heavier

    What is heavy Bleeding?

    Periods flow can be light and heavy, Just as some women suffer from heavy bleeding and want to cure it to have a light period. There is some woman who suffers from light bleeding, this can be hectic. Since in heavy periods you can regularly change your pad or tampons and get going like that. But in the case of the light period, the chances of stains are more and even though checking it the whole day it still gets a stain and may be caught up in a situation. so here we discuss about How to make your period flow heavier.

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    Do you Know How to make your period flow heavier

    For this reason, some women look for ways that “how to make your periods flow heavier.”Consuming the right food can completely change your light periods to heavy. Since whatever we eat we become, this phrase is perfect for the given situation of light bleeding. Since it is a rough guess when it comes to considering bleeding as light or heavy. But if you in trouble because of light bleeding then you must opt for the given food list.

    Given below are the food that can change your light periods into heavy :

    Honey : 

    This is the natural way to make your periods flow heavier. Start using honey in place of sugar and you will see the difference in 8-12 hours from the time of consumption. This is the best way to make your periods flow heavier, with no medication and fear of any side effects. This natural way will help cure your light periods in a very short period.

    Start using honey in your food whenever possible. You can consume tea, on pancakes or just a spoon of honey with water.

    Beetroot :

    Beetroot makes your periods thicker. A woman who wants thick periods has seen the thickening effect that is caused by beetroots. So this makes beetroot one of the best natural foods to eat and make your periods thicker. Since you will come across five varieties of beetroot in the market, you need to pick the red bulb beetroots.

    You can consume the beetroots raw or in a salad. Eating this will help you with your light periods flow. This is a simple and less expensive treatment for making your light periods flow to a heavier one in a short time.

    Oats :

    Oats are something that can be found in any household and you don’t need to invest your energy and time trying to find a medicine. You can just make some oats and in 10-20 minutes you will notice that your light flow periods are thicker, making you feel comfortable

    You can eat flapjack, oat-based cereals, granola, muesli, oatmeal biscuits, cereal bars etc. Eating this can instantly help you make your light periods flow heavy. Oats are commonly found and thus marked as the best treatment food for this situation. You can munch the cereal bars made of oats as well. This is best if you are outside and need to get quick treatment without visiting a doctor.

    Couscous and semolina : 

    This is composed of small grains of durum wheat. You can eat couscous that is made of semolina. You can eat cakes that have the coating done with semolina. This way you can just purchase the cake looking at the ingredients and change your light periods flow to the heavier ones.

    This is the quick option that you can just get from the market and eat without the worry of cooking anything.


    This is one of the best treatments that you can do to convert your light periods to heavier ones. Since you may have a little uneasy feeling while eating anything you do not like or are neutral about. But this pasta treatment is best for someone who loves pasta.

    Just make a hot bowl of pasta and eat well, with the yummy dish you can cure your situation in no time. You can cook or can just order it from a restaurant. This proves to be the easiest of all the above and gives the fastest results.

    How to treat properly?

    Any woman going through an abnormality in their periods of flow face exhaustion and thus need a permanent solution for the same. This can only be done by consuming a balanced diet. Since it is hard to exactly point out certain vitamins that can cure it, this differs from woman to woman. It will be best to visit a gynaecologist and have an update about your current deficiency that is causing these irregular periods of flow.

    Conclusion : 

    It is the best thing to do if you want to cure your irregular periods of flow. The above-mentioned food can help you cure the light period flow into a heavier one and you will see the difference as well. But it is needed that you consult a doctor who can advise you on the root cause that is causing this irregularity in your period’s flow. If you are looking for how to make your periods flow heavier the above-mentioned food is the best quick remedy.

    Since everything depends on your diet, it is advised to look after your vitamin and protein consumption. Lack of proper diet and excess work too can cause such a condition of light bleeding.

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