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    Struggling with late periods? Do you know what to eat if periods are not coming?

    We women often caught roaming around the fear that the period’s date is approaching and once again it will be a restless, uneasy situation. As much as we want it to delay by a day or two, we freak out the minute we realize it’s more than the days we wanted to chill or for amazing plans. So it is safe to say that we do not want it and still go desperately wait for the periods to come. What to eat if periods are not coming.

    What to eat if periods are not coming

    There are plenty of reasons that cause your periods to delay. If you are looking for a quick cure to put you out of your fear, why is it late and how can I get it soon and what to eat if periods are not coming? Well, there are many simple and natural steps to get your periods soon.

    We are surrounded by nature and thus nature has a solution for all, given below is the list of food that is very effective in getting your periods soon :

    1.       Fennel Seeds : 

    This is the best and simple solution. Fennel seeds, widely known as saunf that is usually used as a mouth freshener and plays a huge role in

    indigestion. Well, fennel seeds have more benefits rather than acting as a great mouth freshener and digestive element. These seeds help to increase the blood flows in the uterus, resulting in periods in no time.

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    You need to take two tablespoons of fennel seeds and soak them.Consume this in an empty stomach. Continue drinking this every morning until your periods come. This is one of the most effective methods to get your periods if your periods are late.This is a very easy and less expensive solution which you can use anytime you realise that your periods are late.

    What to eat if periods are not coming

    2.      Carrot :

     A Carrot has plenty of properties, curing much deficiency. Everyone knows that Carrot is rich in bioactive compounds and beta carotene. Carrot has the properties to shred the uterine lining which then induces a period. This too is the perfect and easiest solution of all.


     You can consume it by peeling off raw carrots and blending them in your mixer. Prepare the juice and you can add sugar for flavoring if you want or you can drink it raw as well. Drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach. Continue drinking the carrot juice until you get your periods. It is always amazing to get a cure in natural or herbal products. This is the best way to treat your late periods and get results soon.

    3.      Aloe Vera :

     Aloe vera is the queen of any herbal remedy, with many benefits aloe vera helps to balance your hormones and make your body alkaline to achieve your periods regularly.


     Consumption methods are similar for aloe vera as you do it for applying on your skin or hair. Add honey to the freshly extracted aloe vera gel and mix it. Consume the mixture every day in the morning. You will get the results faster.

    4.      Cinnamon :

    We generally use cinnamon as a spice to give our meal a nice flavor. This spice has more properties than just giving your meal an amazing flavor. It has the properties to warm up your body. This is responsible for your early periods and you will find a better solution to this question, what to eat if periods are not coming.


     The method of consumption is simple, you need to crush two cinnamon seeds and add in your tea or a glass of milk. You need to consume it every morning as a routine to get results. This is the best solution for your never-ending question as to What to eat if periods are not coming.

    How to get periods immediately if delayed

    5.      Pineapple :

     This is responsible for uterine contraction and helps in inducing heat in your body. Perfect food for helping you get your periods early. Consuming pineapple will produce heat in your body and thus trigger your periods.


    The easiest way is to peel off the pineapple and blend it in your mixer. You need to consume this juice every day for quick results. This should be consumed every day until you get your periods.

    6.      Ginger : 

    Ginger carries antispasmodic properties along with bioactive compounds, these compounds help induce heat in your body. This will result in fast periods. We normally use ginger now and then and thus it is the easiest to get ingredients at the house. Saving you the trouble to purchase it from the market.


    You need to crush ginger and extract one spoon of juice. Now add one drop of honey to it and mix it well. You need to consume this mixture every day until you get your periods. You need to consume the mixture before going to bed.

    Wrapping Up

    Since periods will be early if you consume food that has natural heat-inducing properties, this is the reason the above products prove to be the best solution for causing your periods early. So if you are wondering What to eat if periods are not coming, these are the best food to eat. 

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