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    How to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds

    Becoming new parents is not that easy, both for parents and for the newborn child. Especially during the initial days, just after delivery. No one can understand the feeling of a baby. What a baby wants at what moment. It becomes even more horrible as to why the baby is crying. Not knowing the exact reason just blasts the mind of parents. That nagging sound even leads to a headache. So, today we will be knowing how to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds.

    Tips to know to calm a crying baby:

    Doing the shoosh-bounce

     This shoosh bounce works well for newborn infants. Just rock your little munchkin over and over again in a carrier in a back-and-forth moment. According to studies and research, it is proved that when an infant is shooshed and bounced, the baby’s heart rate slows down. This creates an ease moment, thereby making the muscles more relaxed. Adding to this, the shoosh-bounce sound creates a repetitive distraction which makes the baby more focused instead of crying.

    Turning up the tunes

    Just like movement, music also can calm a baby while crying. It can calm down the nervous system, decreasing a baby’s heart and respiratory rate. But, just don’t limit yourself to lullabies. Try our different genres but mostly soothing and calming once. Also, don’t forget to try out your voice as well. Because infants are highly connected to their mother’s voice. As a new parents it’s not that much easy How to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds.

    Playing it back

    Try this out. Record your baby’s voice and play it back when they start crying. Sometimes babies get highly distressed and knack out on everything. Be it a dirty diaper or any other thing. They just don’t stop crying. So, while they are crying just make them listen to their recorded voice. Through this, they will get distracted. As babies are so much interested in knowing what is happening around their world. This will break their cycle of crying.

    Put out lights

    Putting the lights off while they are crying is one of the most effective ways to soothe a baby while they are crying. They are somewhat connected to darkness. Remembering the days inside their mother’s womb.

    Because sometimes babies get extremely stimulated with everyday lights and noise. And putting lights off will work out and make the baby stop crying.

    Making noise

    Making some kind of noise while the baby is crying is a life-saving technique. And this works on the following assumption. It is believed that these noises just imitate the sound that the baby heard in the womb, as when the mom’s blood passed through the placenta. Some of these white noises include friends playing, vacuum cleaners, dishes being put away, and many others.

    Changing the scenery

    Babies can themselves sense it when they are getting stressed. So, what you need to do is hand over the baby to others like your husband, mother, and in-laws. And if that’s not possible then change the baby’s environment. Like shifting to the balcony from the hall, and kitchen as, changing location will just let you know that the baby needs to change her mood.

    What’s the best therapy to stop the baby from crying?

    Laughter therapy

    Are you under stress? Try to laugh. Because laughter is the best medicine for every problem and this even stands true for infants as well. This acts as a helpful tool for anyone who is going through an uncomfortable situation. Try to get comic relief. Because this will help them out from feelings that are making them depressed and anxious.

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    Meenakshi Thakur
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