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    How to lose weight as a teenage girl- 10 Tips

    As a teenage girl, you might look for fried foods and sodas more than green vegetables and fruits. How to lose weight as a teenage girl, But as per Data provided by WHO, out of 10 adults are overweight or suffer from obesity because of bad food habits and lifestyles. These factors even increased the risk of suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and various joint problems. Obesity during the teenage years also has an impact on adult life. Losing a few pounds and enhancing their overall health is vital for teens. If you are thinking about losing weight as a teenage girl, then here are a few tips for teen girls to help them get back on track.

    Remove soda from your diet: Sodas contain a lot of sugar that mainly exceeds the total daily limit of 25 Gms. They lead to obesity and diabetes. Some of the research also shows that some pesticide residues are found in soft drinks and soda. You can replace soda with homemade iced tea, berry juices with mint, a pinch of pink salt, and juicy ice watermelon.

    Prevent junk food: Junk food consists of Trans fat and saturated fats high in calories, sugar, and salt. They allow you to gain a lot of stubborn fat, which becomes very difficult to lose later. Hence, it is vital to remain clear of junk food when you want to lose some weight. Prefer to have healthy snacking and consume baked chips, baby carrots, cucumber, fruit juices. Instead of cold drinks, have detox water, fruit juice, and iced tea. Rather than sweets, have fruits. If you have a strong craving for sweets, have fruits rather than ice cream. You can also have dark chocolate, which has 80% or more cocoa. Frozen yoghurt with a low-fat content topped with some fresh fruits is also equally tempting and satisfying.

    Eat more fibre and protein: Foods rich in dietary fibre as well as protein helps in promoting satiety and always keep your hunger at bay. Dietary fibre also enhances digestion by encouraging the number and variety of good gut bacteria. Protein helps in the loss of lean muscle at the time of the weight reduction phase. Here are a few things that you can consume for getting enough protein and fibre:

    • Veggies like spinach, eggplant, tomato, scallions, radish greens, purple cabbage, Chinese cabbage, bell pepper, etc.
    • Fruits like apple, peach, blueberry, muskmelon, orange, pineapple, watermelon.
    • Protein sources are egg, lentils, soybeans, edamame, garbanzo beans, and mushroom.

    How to lose weight as a teenage girl

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    Always consume good fats: Not every fat is bad for your health. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish, seeds, and nuts are good for losing weight and your overall weight. The oryzanol present in rice bran oil assists in lowering bad cholesterol.  Some healthy fats to eat are avocado, rice oil, almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, flaxseed butter, pine nuts, melon seeds, omega three supplements, and pine nuts.

    Some of the bad fats to avoid are vegetable oil, cheese, chicken skin, margarine, pork fat, etc.

    Remain active: Remaining active is very important no matter what the age is. Teenagers get many options to remain active such as playing a sport, learning to dance from YouTube, doing gymnastics, ice skating, rock climbing, and riding a bicycle.

    Always stay hydrated: When you are dehydrated, your body starts building up toxins. This leads to inflammation-induced obesity. Always drink at least 2-3 litres of water to flush out the toxins from your body and support weight loss. You can also consume water in the form of fruit juice, fresh vegetables, delicious smoothies, and detoxing drinks.

    Along with all these, some of the other tips are

    • Never make the mistake of skipping breakfast.
    • Always say no to fast foods.
    • Practice portion control.
    • Try yoga
    • Avoid stress
    • Sleep well


    Get rid of all of your extra flaps through a well-balanced diet, good food habits, and some changes in your lifestyle. Consult with a doctor or any registered dietician, and welcome a healthy version of yours. Follow How to lose weight as a teenage girl here….

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