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    Do you know how to reduce arm fat for ladies? Follow these steps!

    Arm fat is one of the most common concerns for women and a constant question in mind that How to reduce arm fat for ladies. Women have a really hard time figuring out that what causes fat upper arm and how to get rid of it. We all want a thin and toned arm. Any dress or tops, be it a crop top or a Kurti looks great toned arm. This seems impossible at times when we have done all it takes to contribute to a thin arm and nothing seem to be working. If you are looking for the best methods to reduce arm fat, don’t look further.

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    How to reduce arm fat for ladies

    The reason for a fat arm can differ from person to person. It can be because of aging, or having a lazy routine and also if you are not practicing any daily exercises. Diet can also be a cause if the person is consuming a lot of fatty products.

    Given below are the most effective ways to reduce arm fat :             

    Lifting Weights :

    It is seen that lifting weight helps a lot in your arm fat reduction since this process involves working against a force. This creates muscle mass and will also increase your strength. Set your routine and start lifting weights, doing this regularly will slimmer your arms and give you a well-toned arm. This will generate strength in your arms that in turn will make you stronger and with time you can lift more weights too.

    Tricep Dips :

    This is one of the most effective routines to follow if you want to lose your arm fat quickly. Following are the steps that you can follow to reduce arm fat by doing tricep dip :

    1. You need to find a bench or chair, two feet higher than the ground. The height matters a lot and so you need to be careful while choosing the height.
    2. Now you need to sit at the edge of the chair, placing your hand on the seat’s edge. It should be noted that the space between your arms must be as much as your shoulder.
    3. Stay at an upright position while sitting at the seat’s edge. Your legs must be stretched out in front of you.
    4. Now, at 90 degrees, you need to bend your elbows slowly and then lower your body from the seat proceeding towards the ground.
    5. Hold on to this pose for at least 20 seconds. Take a deep breath and regulate your breathing.
    6. Now come back to the chair but do not sit on the chair. Do the same thing again by going towards the ground.
    7. Perform 3 sets of these 20 reps every day and get amazing results.

    Add more fiber to your diet :

    Your diet plays an important role in your fat reduction. Increase your fibre intake to reduce fat accumulation. Since fatty products aids in weight gain and thus making you look healthy with fat arms. You need to eat more fibres to reduce arm fat. With a balanced fibre diet, it will be very easy for you to lose arm fat and get slimmer arms soon.

    Bicep Curls :

    Arrange a pair of weights for performing this exercise. Follow the given instruction to lose arm fat and get toned arms soon.

    1. Start with standing on the ground by keeping your feet at shoulder-width apart. Now hold each weight in both the hand.
    2. By clicking the weight you need to look that your palm must face you.
    3. Now start the exercise by lifting both weights by bringing them towards your shoulders.
    4. You must check to be in the right form by elbows tucked towards your sides.
    5. Hold it for few seconds and bring down the weights.
    6. You need to perform 2 to 4 sets of 15 or 20 reps each, every day. This should be increased or decreased based on your capacity and strength.

    Push-Ups :

    This is the best exercise if you are planning on getting a toned arm and tummy as well.

    1. Lie down on your yoga mat, putting your palm downwards and resting your hand on the floor.
    2. Lift your body by resting your arms firmly on the ground. Now lower your body but your chest must not touch the ground.
    3. This exercise requires a lot of strength and thus you need to start with small exercises first.
    4. Small exercises such as resting on your knees and raising your upper body. Follow this by a pause and then lowering your body again.
    5. During the whole exercise, keep breathing slowly, breathing in when you are your way down and exhale while raising your body.
    6. You need to do3 reps of 10 sets every day for getting amazing results. Great toned arm, exactly as you wanted.

    Avoid sugar

    You must avoid sugar in your food to reduce the fat in your body. Following a healthy diet is very important when it comes to loose weight. You can replace sugar with natural products such as honey. Sugar aids in fat, especially in fat accumulating places such as arm fat, stomach fat and thighs. Avoiding sugar will help a lot in reducing your arm fat.

    Do you know How to get smaller arms

    Shedding extra fat is a tough task to deal with. Especially when you want to shed the fat of a particular zone. Now coming to how to get smaller arms. It isn’t as tricky as it seems to be. It doesn’t require heavy workouts or going for any arm-specific exercises.

    Things to keep in mind to get smaller arms:

    • The best thing you can do is follow a routine on overall fat reduction. Implying doing exercise or workouts which focus on your overall weight loss.
    • Following this method will surely help you to get smaller arms. Including workouts on muscle, and toning will act as a plus point rather than following any specific exercise.
    •  Studies and analysis proved that a 12-week resistance program works well in reducing the overall body fat but not that specific organ fat. So, it would be beneficial if you focus on overall body development.

    Should you opt for weight lifting?

    Adding to this, you should start lifting weights. Weight lifting is one of the types of resistance training which will increase strength and muscle mass. Doing weight lifting will help you in overall weight reduction as well as also tone your arm muscle. Thus, make you look slimmer and your arms will also look smaller.

    Furtherly, increasing our fiber intake will jumpstart the weight reduction program. See, here the process to get smaller arms is going through your overall weight loss. And, reading about the consumption of fiber intake will make you feel fuller for a longer period. And these include your fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and other fibrous products. Try to include protein in your diet since it performs the same function as fiber does.

    Smaller Arms

    Therefore, to conclude, increase your workout hours which, in turn, will increase your metabolism rate thereby causing weight reduction. And ultimately your goal of getting smaller arms will be achieved.

    Conclusion :

    These are the most effective methods that you can start practising and get amazing results. Please note that the exercise must be done in moderation. Not to start heavy exercise from day one but increase the weight over time. Follow these methods to answer your most awaited question How to reduce arm fat for ladies and flaunt your slimmer arms.